20. February 2017

School visit

Welcome and introduction of our school.

For Lunch we will go to the adult education center next to our school.


Cuxhaven is located 40 km in the north of Bremerhaven, where the river Elbe flows into the North Sea. It is the biggest coastal resort in Germany with the UNESCO world heritage “Wattenmeer”. We will do a bus tour to the most famous places in Cuxhaven. 

We’ll start at the offshore basis, where the individual components of offshore-wind engines getting shipped.

Next stop will be the “Hapag Hallen” at the “Albert-Ballin-Platz”, where the Hamburg-America-Line (HAPAG) started in the 19th century. Now, here starts the Elb-Link-Ferry to Brunsbüttel to the other side of the Elbe.  

On the way to the “Alte Liebe”, we’ll pass the “Fischmeile”. There are a lot of cutter and fish restaurants. The “Alte Liebe” is a famous observation platform, with a nice view over the international shipping lane.

We will drive through the city of Cuxhaven and the “Grimmershörnbucht” to reach the emblem of Cuxhaven, the “Kugelbake”. A long time ago, it was one of the most important sea marks on the way to Hamburg.


Behind the “Kugelbake” there begins the beach area direct at the “Wattenmeer”.  At last we will pass the castle of Cuxhaven, before we’ll  drive back to Bremerhaven. 

Transfer back to the youth hostel

Back in Bremerhaven you have time for yourself. You will have dinner at the youth hostel later but you can also go to the city for some shopping etc. (look at "activities in your free time")