24. February 2017

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Time for packing your bags.

German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

In the German Emigration Center visitors encounter the moving family stories of the emigrants – and also learn about the eventful paths of those who have made Germany their home since the 17th century. How does it feel to leave your homeland behind and start off to a new life?


During a journey through the centuries visitors to the award-winning theme museum experience the farewell, the crossing and the arrival to the New World.
On the life-like designed quay the sadness of the departure, the uncertainty, however also the hopes and dreams of the emigrants are intensely tangible.
The journey comes to end in a reconstruction of Grand Central Terminal. Like no other location the magnificent New York train station is a symbol for the cultural diversity of the New World.
Here you will learn how the emigrants, now being immigrants, settled in their new homeland, built themselves a new home and where they found work.


At the end of the tour guests can search for their own emigrated relatives in two international databases. 

Transfer to the Airport Bremen

It's time to say goodbye! Now we wish you a great time in Berlin and a good flight back home!